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The Jon Egging Trust

The Jon Egging Trust provides young people access to inspirational individuals and experiences within the fields of aviation, engineering and science. The work of the Trust aims to inspire and capture the imagination of students with significant barriers to learning at a truly formative time in their educational careers .

Ascent is a company which provides flight training to the next generation of UK military aircrew in partnership with the RAF and the MOD; with its inherent links to aviation and engineering – the company sees an enormous amount of value in the work of the Jon Egging Trust and is extremely enthusiastic about igniting a passion for Aerospace and Defence in future generations.

Ascent is proud to support the Jon Egging Trust in their work to inspire young people to re-engage with education and to make informed decisions in their future endeavours. The world of Aerospace and Defence is big, exciting and brimming with a wide variety of opportunities; with hard work, commitment and a focus the sky is (quite literally) the limit for these young people. The Jon Egging Trust is Ascent’s primary charitable commitment and its key focus from a corporate social responsibility perspective.

Ascent supports the Jon Egging Trust in 3 ways by:

By 2020 the Jon Egging Trust aims to support 10,000 young people a year, Ascent wholeheartedly supports this goal and is passionate about supporting the Trust to deliver inspirational outreach activities to those who need it most. Many of Ascent’s employees are ex aerospace engineers and military aircrew; being able to tap into this pool of talent is invaluable to the Trust and has the ability to positively shape the aspirations of students with a variety of barriers to learning.