About Us

Our Core Values

Ascent has defined the following core values which represent our operational practices and embedded culture:

• One Ascent team
• Responsive
• Respectful
• Safe

Our core values form the heart of Ascent by defining the way we do business on a daily basis. Ascent has consciously committed to the exemplification of its core values which are interwoven throughout of all our business activities. Our Core values closely relate to the UKMFTS joint behaviours; the practice of these joint behaviours allows the UKMFTS partnership to deliver a world class Military Flying Training System. Our core values heavily influence all interactions with key stakeholders and allow us to create a strong cohesive team within a partnering context.

We personify our core values and conduct detailed assessments of all potential candidates to ensure a cultural fit within the wider business. Ascent also measures people’s alignment with our core values in our performance management appraisals. Our core values and UKMFTS joint behaviours form the basis of our partnership wide Colleague Satisfaction Survey on an annual basis – the findings  allow us to continuously improve as a business, employer and delivery partner. Ascent’s core values are included in our 360 degree feedback process, colleague recognition scheme and talent review procedure.