Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety

Air Safety Statement by the Managing Director

Ascent Flight Training is focussed on the delivery of a world class military flying training system to UK military aircrew and, as the Managing Director, I also want to encompass a world leading approach to Air Safety. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we consider Air Safety within all aspects of that system, both within our current and future operations.

To fully support our aspiration of a world class approach to Air Safety we need to positively embrace the concept of a strong Safety Culture, which comprises Just, Reporting, Learning, Flexible and Questioning Cultures. Whilst a Just Culture recognises that we all make honest errors that we can learn from it is not a blameless culture that is indifferent to deliberate violations of rules and regulations. A successful Just Culture will support a Reporting Culture whereby we all contribute to the open and honest reporting of safety concerns. A Questioning Culture allows us to stay alert to potential hazards and improvements whilst a Flexible Culture allows us to anticipate and adapt the environment we operate in and make changes that reduce risk.

Our Air Safety Management Plan (ASMP) will set out Air Safety Management System (ASMS) as an explicit outline of our systematic, proactive and auditable approach to the management of Air Safety; furthermore it will meet with my commitment to manage all the Risks to Life to our personnel and those that we train to a level that is both Tolerable and ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP).

Within Ascent we have appointed a dedicated Air Safety Manager who will promote and campaign Air Safety; however, that role does not absolve any of us from actively contributing towards Air Safety and I look to all Ascent employees to consider Air Safety within all that they do, be it in the delivery of flying training, the construction of our courses, the selection and management of our suppliers, or in the day-to-day management of Ascent and our people.