Flying Training Programmes

RW - Rotary Wing Training

The Rotary Wing (RW) Programme will provide training for all Royal Navy, Army and Royal Airforce rotary pilots and associated rear crew. It will deliver aircrew to the standard required for the Operational Conversion Units (OCUs). The students will be required to develop and apply those skills to rotary wing operations. Students will be given a firm grounding in basic helicopter operations before enhancing their skills in Instrument Flying, Night Flying, Low Level Navigation, Formation, SAR, and Under Slung Loads.

The programme is in the early phase of the acquisition process progressing towards the Ministry of Defence’s Initial Gate approval. The team has completed the Pre-Qualification phase of the acquisition for the Aircraft Service Provision (ASP), which was closely followed by the commencement of the competition marked with the issue of the ASP Outline Solution Request For Proposal on 6 Sept 2010 to Industry.