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Aircraft competitions

Aircraft competitions

Ascent launched the UKMFTS Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft service provision competitions on Monday 6th September 2010 with the issue of the Outline Solution Request for Proposals (OS RFP).

The Fixed Wing programme includes Elementary Flying Training, Basic Flying Training and Multi-Engine Pilot Flying Training. The Rotary Wing programme includes all Rotary Wing Pilot and Rotary Wing Rear-crew Training.

The competition represents the third stage in a four stage process to select the aircraft service providers for the two programmes. The first two stages were Market Investigations, that examined potential technical solutions to the UKMFTS requirement, and Market Soundings that examined the potential commercial and financial solutions.
The final stage of the process to select the aircraft service provider, the Detailed Solutions Phase, will commence after the impact of SDSR has been fully assessed and after approval of the MoD Business Case. It is currently anticipated this phase will commence in Q1 2011.

Posted on: 07/09/10