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DE&S Chief Operating Officer visits Building 1300

DE&S Chief Operating Officer visits Building 1300

Dr Andrew Tyler, DE&S Chief Operating Officer, visited the HQ Building on 9th September, whilst here he took time to talk to Ascent about his enthusiasm for UKMFTS – here’s just an excerpt from his interview

We’ve achieved a major organisational change to an integrated team approach since your last visit here – have you noticed the change in practice as you toured today?

I have noticed the change, in fact the last comment I made as I came through the corridor just now was how evident the united team approach is. I think the test for me is if I can tell who is working for each organisation just by a glance, then the team isn’t integrated. I can sense a real, radical change in place here.

Some commentators have expressed nervousness about the change this programme will bring to military flying training. What would you say to reassure these people?

I think that the reassurance comes from the fact that the people to whom the service is being delivered are themselves intimately involved in its delivery.  The people leading the organisation here have ‘been there, seen it, done it and got the T shirt’.  It is very, very innovative here; we are pushing the envelope on our contracting approach, pushing it to the absolute maximum.  I use UKMFTS as the exemplar of just how innovative we are capable of being.

A lot of very talented people have been recruited or seconded to this programme and are proud to be working on the MFTS journey. What are you most proud of to date?

I think it is the work that has gone on in the last 18 months to turn something that was a dream through the process of transition and planning towards something successful that is delivered.  It is one thing to write the business cases and run competitions but it is quite another to turn it into a plan that everyone can deliver.

The thought does run through one’s mind - would we make that transition from one way of thinking and working to this new one? Indeed, this programme began with a very different mindset, but it is evident now from my visit today that we are one team and are together really taking the change on board.

What do you see as the biggest benefit this programme will deliver?

The benefit comes from this most rigorous example of contracting for performance.  We are very good at buying equipment, support and expertise but this programme brings everything together and fuses it.  This will bring with it the efficiency and effectiveness we were looking for in the first place. Ultimately this enables us to concentrate on why we are all here and what we are all delivering: the very best military flying training in the world.

Have you any message you would like to convey to all of us on the programme and our stakeholders?

Good work! I’m really, really pleased. There’s a palpable team spirit and ethos.

And to stakeholders; I hope that confidence is building and building. We recognise that this represents a big change to the way we did things in the past, but we will be judged on what is being delivered.  I would like to feel that the stakeholders’ confidence is building fast.

And finally, a message to the students of the future. I trust you won’t notice the difference; that flying training is as good in the future as it was in the past – it’s always been the best in the world. The difference is the efficiency and effectiveness behind the scenes.

Posted on: 16/09/10