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One Hundred Lessons

I’m proud to announce the completion of the first one hundred Lesson Design Documents (LDDs) for Phase 4 AJT. This constitutes 1/3 of our total Student Lesson requirement. Reaching this plateau has not been easy—since April, we’ve gone through at least three different processes, many months of stepping smartly forward (then not so smartly backward—twice) and a plethora of hurdles, barriers, and frustrations to overcome. Two and a half months ago, we had only 25 LDDs on the Board. Production in the intervening months has accelerated sharply and, as has often been heard within these four walls, “We are where we are”—for once, this is a positive statement.

It’s been a team effort—we in CD generate the lessons, but we’ve had significant support from a number or our partners and for this I am grateful. I’m not naïve enough to attempt to name all the names, but I do want to single out a few—Ian Mullan and his Project Management Team, Sqn Ldr Puppy Caine, Sqn Ldr Dan Beard and the “Golden 6” at RAF Valley, Al Thomas, Bob Clarke and our own Core Team, Pat Spang, Heather Mann, Lorraine Shim and Mike Shippy of LM and many, many others in Ascent, LM, the IPT and 22 Group—you know who you are and please accept my sincere thanks for your continued assistance (and my apologies for not naming each and every one of you).

My most ardent kudos, however, go to my Course Designers and SMEs, past and present—the point of the sword in this process. The first one hundred is a remarkable achievement, but as you know, there’s a long, long way yet to go. Your diligence, innovation, commitment, fervor, and yes, noteworthy patience have brought us to this point and will carry us through in the future. Thanks for making it happen and I look forward to completing this journey with you all.

Steve Ladd
Advanced Jet Training Curriculum Development Lead

Posted on: 19/10/10