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The UK’s next generation of combat pilots begins instruction under new training programme

The UK’s next generation of combat pilots begins instruction under new training programme

Ascent are proud to announce that on the 2nd April the first UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) advanced jet ab-initio student course commenced training at RAF Valley.  This is the first student course to fly the new Hawk T2 aircraft and experience a unique mix of live and simulated flying whilst airborne and in a ground-based synthetic arena that Ascent has introduced. This is the final stage of training for the student pilot, prior to moving to the front line and becoming an operational fast jet pilot.

Ascent Flight Training, in partnership with the Royal Air Force’s 22 Training Group and the MOD DE&S organisation, has developed a world leading innovative flying training course for the 21st century fighter pilot.  This course teaches the student to fly their first fast-jet aircraft and downloads many areas of training that previously would have been flown only on front-line aircraft such as the Typhoon.  Examples of this unique approach to flying training include the teaching of simulated airborne radar intercepts with AMRAAM missiles, low-level ground attack missions within a simulated Surface-to-Air Missile Threat scenario and composite missions involving the student in multi-aircraft formations operating in simulated combat scenarios.  All of this advanced training is made possible by combining the advanced capability of the Hawk T2 aircraft with an integrated state of the art system of classroom instruction and flight simulation at RAF Valley.

“The advanced jet students have brought tremendous energy and inquisitiveness with them to RAF Valley,” said Sir Barry Thornton, Managing Director of Ascent Flight Training. “They’ll have an opportunity to train using the most advanced technologies available as they prepare to defend the UK.” All of the UK’s RAF and RN fighter pilots will progress through this exciting new training phase prior to being selected to fly the UK’s front line Military aircraft well into the future.

Posted on: 05/04/12