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Training System Design (TSD) update

Training System Design (TSD) update

The TSD has completed the detailed design with the completion of a CD307 data set for each of the 33 courses shown on the TSD V3.0.5 Static Pipeline Diagram. The CD307 data set contains details of all lesson to be taught on the course including Training and Enabling Objectives, Time to Train, lesson sequence and resources required (i.e. Classrooms, aircraft, simulators, etc).

Having completed the CD307s these are now being prepared for input into the Dynamic Pipeline Model (DPM) which can model all 33 course on all 6 bases over the 25 year period of the programme. However, initial runs will be limited to 5 years to allow required numbers of resources to be established and optimised by minor adjustments to the CD307 data set. This information will be used to support the Aircraft, Infrastructure and Ground Based Training Equipment (GBTE) Request For Proposals.

For the Committed AJT and Rear Crew Stage 1 Programmes Curriculum Development is starting to deliver courseware, some of which is being shown to representatives from RAF Valley (AJT demo on 18th October) and Royal Navy (RC Stage 1 demo on 19th October) in order to further build on the developing customer confidence.

Posted on: 12/07/10