Our People

Stuart Bell - Programmes Director

Stuart Bell

Stuart is responsible for the successful delivery and integration of the committed and uncommitted programmes within Ascent to deliver the capability for UKMFTS. This role encompasses design, construction and delivery of all the enablers to allow Ascent to bring into service its training delivery operations and for the future activity to enable UKMFTS to deliver the requirements of SDSR 2015. Stuart joined Ascent in 2010 as a Commercial Manager and was appointed to the role of Head of Commercial in 2012. In January 2017 Stuart was appointed as the Programmes Director. As well as his experience gained through the delivery and acquisition process for Ascent to date, Stuart has worked in programmes on a high profile programmes in the Aerospace environment including Merlin and Lynx Wildcat for the UK MOD and in concert with Lockheed Martin for US DOD Programmes.

Stuart became a Professional Member of the Association for Project Management in 2007 and is currently undergoing certification with the IACCM.

Stuart is married with FOUR children and lives in Yeovil.